Saona Island a tropical paradise

Saona Island is a tropical paradise. Eden of natural riches, full of beautiful beaches, mangrove forests, endemic species, its charms you have to catch, it tells in its caves a history that goes back to the times of the colonization of the island Hispaniola here were revolted many groups of Taino The name of the natives of our island including the Cacique Cotubanama, tells the story that the island was called an “Imamanay” by the Tainos, but at the arrival of Christopher Columbus in his second voyage, the named Bella Savonesa, in honor of the Savones Miguel Da Cueno , who immediately noticed that it was an independent island to which she had already named the Spaniard.

Beautiful pristine beaches with fine white sands and crystal clear water. Surrounded by huge coconut trees and unsurpassed beauties, where you can swim, dive, discover the marine species that inhabit your coral bottoms as well as the flamingos and the huge starfish. The beaches are located on the southern coast, from Punta Matuano, in the northwest, to Punta de Cruz, in the southeast, except for the sector between the south end of the Playa El Gato to Punta Laguna.

The Natural pool

It possesses warm transparent and emerald green waters in which you can reflect. They caress you with their soft waves stuffing of their charms and guiding you to a peace that you can not imagine, located in the very center of the sea with only one meter of depths a perfect place to see and touch all kinds of exotic marine species under the swimming pool , such as sea stars, corals, tropical fish, shells and snails.


A fishing village.

In Saona Island there are two settlements Mano Juan and the first is a village of fishermen humble and industrious, a community of natives that makes you feel their hospitality, here is the most extensive beach of the island, so you can enjoy the delicious Typical meals of the villagers such as the famous lobsters hoes that fall in love with the palate, a sticky music that in no other place you will find, is a beach, which has a detachment of the Navy.


Protected Area

In Saona Island there are many species of birds within the park’s boundaries, with half of the species in the country. Of this total, 8 species are endemic to the island and 11 endemic species of the Caribbean area. Among the birds you can see beach gulls and waders, coronita pigeons, green parrot and other species. Within the fauna that inhabit the island we can find Hawksbill turtle, leatherback, Manatee, Iguanas and others. Saona Island as a national park, is officially protected and therefore there are no buildings on its coastline.



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