Dominican Republic is safe?

How safe is the Dominican Republic 2019?

Are you confused about How safe is the Dominican Republic 2019? then this article will help you discover Dominican Republic is safe for tourist or not.

The Dominican Republic is a generally safe country for tourists. Most tourists stay in hotels and resorts located in many tourist region like on on the East side of the island at Punta Cana, which is one of the safest vacation spots in the Caribbean, and tourists should feel comfortable traveling outside of the hotel zone. Like in many others countries, you must have caution and use common sense.


Dominican Republic

The most common types of crimes are street theft, wallet theft, car theft, etc. You should not appear alone on the beach at night. All documents and money are stored in a safe and you are not alone walking outside the hotel.

Driving in Dominican Republic safe tips:

  • Watch out for pedestrians as they are known to cross the road everywhere even if they don’t have right of way.
  • Watch out for Horse carts. They move slow and are found in many of the streets. They have also been known to cross in front of cars with no regard for their surroundings.
  • Carry your passport with you at all times when driving
  • Right turns are allowed on a red light after you stop.
  • Be careful when crossing the road because in many cases the driver does not comply with traffic rules. Is the water in the Dominican Republic is safe?

The Dominican Republic is usually a safe tourist country. Most visitors live in hotels and resorts on the east side of the island. The worst thing about tourists here is sunburn. On the other hand, large cities such as Santo Domingo and Santiago may have potentially dangerous areas that you have to avoid. 

If you robber attack on you, it is highly unlikely that you will not resist. The attacker thinks you are armed and can attack or shoot. Health Problems in the Dominican Republic: HIV is very high (2% of the adult population) and the risk of mosquito infections such as malaria and dengue (very rare). Pregnant women should check the CDC website before traveling. So I think now your all confusion is clear if you have any question related to How safe is the Dominican Republic 2019 then ask in the comments box  I will reply as soon as possible.

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