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How wealthy is Dominican Republic

As everyone knows, the Dominican Republic is on the Hispaniola island. It is the largest country and share the island with Haiti. In tropical climates, the average temperature is 20-25 degrees, and you can swim safely in the Atlantic (north and east of the island) or the Caribbean (south). The Dominican Republic represents around two thirds of the territory of the island and the Republic of Haiti little more than a third. Historically, the blood of the Dominican Republic has been diluted to a large extent by Spanish genes, but Haitians are darker since their offspring come from African slaves


The food crisis, the devastating earthquake of 2010, the almost completely deforested forests of Haiti, the epidemic and precarious living is so difficult that the Dominican Republic is a richer country than Haiti. Naturally, this can lead to a large number of illegal refugees and immigrants.


According to 2016 data, about 10.5 million people live in the Dominican Republic, and the number of illegal migrants coming from Haiti is estimated to be more than 2 million. Most Dominicans are mulatto. How safe is Dominican Republic in 2019.


The Dominican Republic is divided into 31 states, and the capital of the country is Santo Domingo. There are about 2 million people living there. The philosophy of life in the Dominican Republic is to do everything slowly and completely. This lazy life is could be shocking and uncomfortable for those with habits. This is the entire Dominican Republic. “Preparing for 5 minutes” means you have to wait at least 30 minutes. This, in turn, is normal, even for a five-star hotel. 



How wealthy is Dominican Republic


Speaking in economic terms, Dominican Republic is a paradise, but it is reserved for a few.

In the Dominican Republic, the main economic activities are concentrated in the construction, tourism and agriculture sectors. Another important income that Dominican receives is for remittances, in 2017 they reached 5,835 million dollars

The Dominican Republic is the 69th economy by volume of GDP. Its public debt in 2017 was 27,505 million euros, with a debt of 40,82% of GDP. Its per capita debt is € 2,555 per capita.


The GDP per capita is a very good indicator of the standard of living and in the case of the Dominican Republic, in 2017, it was € 6,258 euros, which ranks 84th in the table, therefore, its citizens have, according to this parameter, a very low standard of living in relation to the rest of the 196 countries in the GDP per capita ranking.

The national minimum wage is RD $ 15,447.60 and the annual inflation rate is 4.2%. Of the national population it is estimated that 30.5% of the inhabitants of the nation live in poverty and 6.5% of these live in extreme poverty.

In the Dominican Republic there are approximately 3 million homes. More than a million homes are located in a risk area and, of these, more than 800 thousand are not prepared to face any type of environmental catastrophe. More than half a million homes are overcrowded. 50% of homes in the country have some difficulty in the quality of basic services or infrastructure.

The Dominican is a simple person and very humble, but at the same time, he is very intelligent and with a vision of life completely different from European life. The Dominican lives day to day, most of them have no tendency to live an organized life and do not think about tomorrow.


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Do you know what I noticed? In the Dominican Republic, there is no somber face. We saw the photo of the day and suddenly realized that all our photos were laughing! That is euphoria and euphoria daily, every minute! The most important thing is to rest in the Dominican Republic. By the way, the smile is not just the privilege of tourists. The service staff smiled and greeted “Ora!”

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