Humpback whales in the bay of Samaná

Humpback Whales Samana

Samaná Bay, Humpback Whale Sanctuary.

The natural beauty and warm waters of the Samana Bay located in the northwest of the country, provides the opportunity to enjoy a spectacle like no other. The sighting of Humpback Whales that surround us with their impressive acrobatics as well as their breaths of air and mist.

Humpback whales are large cetaceans that are approximately 52 feet long. Depending on its location, those living in cold areas can weigh 50 tons and those that live in tropical areas 30.


Whales in Samana

They owe their name due to the hump on the dorsal fin and unlike other species they have a slow translation. They are generally found in the great Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific oceans.

These beautiful cetaceans visit us every year in mating season and give us an amazing show. You can observe the sexual courtship where the males do their spectacular somersaults and sounds. To be worthy of the female, the male must face the other males in the herd. Their display of acrobatics usually lasts several hours to establish the dominant position among the males.

Humpback Whales in Samana

The Samaná Bay is the only place in the Caribbean where you can see these impressive cetaceans. The coasts of Samaná are a breeding sanctuary for Humpback Whales. Hundreds of them visit the coasts of Samaná every year to mate and give birth to their young. The herds of whales flee from the icy winter waters of the North Atlantic, specifically the coasts of North America, Greenland, Canada or Iceland to take refuge in the warm and calm waters of the Caribbean.

Humpback Whale

This is a great opportunity for eco-tourism lovers to enjoy whale watching in Samana. From January to March, which is the official season, you can organize your excursion to contemplate the surprising natural spectacle of the Humpback Whales. It is wonderful to observe every year these cetaceans that travel thousands of kilometers to reach the Bay of Samaná to give birth to their calves, which can measure 4.5 meters, and also to look for a partner in the warm waters of these beautiful and warm waters.

Samana Whales

Excursions to Samaná

Excursions to Samana are generally done in medium-sized boats and the observation time lasts approximately 45 minutes. There are regulations established and implemented by the Ministry of the Environment and the Directorate of National Parks so as not to disturb the peace of whales during mating.

These excursions have expert guides, as well as comfortable and safe boats. There are also land-based observatories to limit the number of boats entering the whale mating area.

Other activities in Samana

From Samana you can make excursions to Los Haitises National Park and Cayo Levantado, a small and beautiful island with crystal-clear beaches, an island in the middle of the bay dedicated exclusively to group tourism. From Samana you can also visit one of the most important attractions in the area, the Salto del Limón Waterfall